Training Solutions that Impact Performance

Now your entire team can be super-sellers!  Bring Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) In House.

Consider an "Un-Conference" for Your Next Sales Conference, Meeting or Event

Imagine a national sales meeting where there is no pre-conference agenda, no planned speakers or breakouts, yet there are several pertinent presentations and everyone's needs are met. Does this sound like a riddle? It's not. It's an "Un-Conference", a forum where every participant has an opportunity to share and gain in a collaborative, efficient, real time, dynamic and even organized setting.

Give Me a Relevant Point of View – Or Please Don’t Waste My Time!

Much like the days of starting with the “product pitch” are long gone, so are the days of starting client conversations with a firing line of questions. Yet, it happens every day. Well-intentioned salespeople use a myriad of questions to uncover needs designed so they can position value. On the other side of the table – frustration, impatience and perceived irrelevance to the client’s business situation.

Sandvik Coromant Sales Team Members Earn Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) During Virtual Graduation Ceremony

19 members of the Sandvik Coromant sales departments from eight countries and nine different time zones were awarded Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) in a virtual graduation ceremony on May 16th, 2014. "This was not just an online meeting, but an actual graduation ceremony with presentations from students, faculty and awarding of diplomas," said Jeff Arnold, Executive Director of The Sales Association who delivered the commencement address during the event.

"Since the class I find myself asking a lot more open-ended questions. I have found that by doing this I am better able to serve my customers and really figure out their needs. Before the class, I was very uncomfortable with stalls and objections; however, now I feel much more confident. I have achieved over 300% of goals for new relationships and new deposit dollars."

- James S., New Accounts Representative

"This program has really increased my sales. I look at people in a different way. Once I have figured out how people think, it is easy to sell to them. I use this everyday in my selling. Since, training, I have sold several tractors that I probably would not have if I didn't have it."

- Mitchell B., Crain Tractor & Equipment

Sales Tip!
    The three keys to building rapport are the words that we use, (which account for 7% of the rapport building process), tone and pace of voice, (38% of the rapport building process), and physiology or how your body stance matches another, (55% of the rapport building process).