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Now your entire team can be super-sellers!  Bring Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) In House.

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What's the Fluff About Soft Selling Skills?

If salespeople focus strictly on product knowledge and sales techniques, they have a one in sixty four chance of connecting with the customer. There are four basic components of an effective sales skills equation. Take away any piece of the equation and you lose a quarter of your sales advantage.

If You Need A Better Sales Process, Ask a Super-Seller!

Sales process? You just get out there and sell, right? It’s true that top salespeople make it seem that easy. Yet, if you dissect their game plan, you would likely find that they have a clearly defined process, one that helps guide their strategy and behavior.

"Since the class I find myself asking a lot more open-ended questions. I have found that by doing this I am better able to serve my customers and really figure out their needs. Before the class, I was very uncomfortable with stalls and objections; however, now I feel much more confident. I have achieved over 300% of goals for new relationships and new deposit dollars."

- James S., New Accounts Representative

"This program has really increased my sales. I look at people in a different way. Once I have figured out how people think, it is easy to sell to them. I use this everyday in my selling. Since, training, I have sold several tractors that I probably would not have if I didn't have it."

- Mitchell B., Crain Tractor & Equipment

Sales Tip!
    Are you answering the question or answering the need? Look beyond initial inquiries to help the customer accomplish more, save them time, or make their life easier.