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Now your entire team can be super-sellers!  Bring Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) In House.

Sandvik Coromant Sales Team Members Earn Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) During Virtual Graduation Ceremony

19 members of the Sandvik Coromant sales departments from eight countries and nine different time zones were awarded Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) in a virtual graduation ceremony on May 16th, 2014. "This was not just an online meeting, but an actual graduation ceremony with presentations from students, faculty and awarding of diplomas," said Jeff Arnold, Executive Director of The Sales Association who delivered the commencement address during the event.

Sales Association Members Earn Distinguished Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) ™

Five members of the Sales Association were awarded Consultative Sales Certification™ (CSC) at the Sales Association National Sales Conference held in Denver, CO. The Sales Association's mission is to connect the professional sales community, providing its members powerful and strategic means to grow professionally and drive profits.

What's the Fluff About Soft Selling Skills?

If salespeople focus strictly on product knowledge and sales techniques, they have a one in sixty four chance of connecting with the customer. There are four basic components of an effective sales skills equation. Take away any piece of the equation and you lose a quarter of your sales advantage.

"I can see a lot of difference in my sales since I took the course [CSC] and I am making more money."

- Tim C., Tulsa New Holland

"The class really made me evaluate my service skills, and today I have been very mindful of how I talk with customers, especially on the phone. I used to be afraid to make recommendations and referrals to customers but I find them coming naturally as I am aware of more opportunities. Knowledge of other areas within the bank has helped me gain confidence to make referrals. I have exceeded my referral goals three months in a row now! Thank you!"

- Jenny B., Teller

Sales Tip!
    Behavioral styles refer to the logic that we use in making decisions. There are four main style groups. They are the Director, Expressive, Steady and Analytical styles. We all possess characteristics of each, yet have a tendency to be dominant in one or two. Adjust your approach to different styles in order to effectively influence them.